Relationship-based Neuropsychological Assessment

Providers use a combination of objective and projective tests, semi-structured interviews, systematic observations (including the gold standard Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2), and relationship building to get a picture of how a child's mind works. Findings are conveyed to families in a way that fits each person's unique way of processing information, including the use of visuals and demonstrations.

Relationship-based Treatment

Psychotherapy providers use a combination of play-based (DIRFloortime®) and relationship-based approaches to bring about feelings of closeness and social connection between children and their families or peers. Intervention is targeted to each client's neuro-developmental profile to support growth in executive function and cognitive rehabilitation. 


Families are given brief support and psychoeducation to follow through on recommendations. Emphasis is placed on prioritizing rehabilitation services and actualizing accommodations at home, school, or the workplace.

Dr. Zumbahlen's therapy dog can be included in treatment where appropriate. Matching services are available to those seeking a companion animal for themselves or their children.

Professional Training

Reflective supervision is available to both mental health and non-mental health providers (e.g., OTs, SLPs, PTs, DTs, etc.) working with children and families. Emphasis is placed on the use of self in understanding case dynamics and treatment planning.

Program Evaluation

Dr. Zumbahlen's background in combining qualitative and quantitative assessment enables her to provide a unique perspective on program effectiveness and development.

Perinatal Services

Doula services and childbirth preparation classes available upon request.

Sensory Therapy Products

Customized design available upon request.